Tuesday Morning Subway Poetry

I am late for work

Has anyone seen the subway?

Fuck I need coffee

Slutty Halloween slutty Halloween

Why is my post

Failing to load?


That woman’s coat is very nice

I wish wore a long coat today

Why did I choose this dress?


There’s a man yelling on the train

About “training young men”

I’m not sure what he’s on about.


I wish there was time

To stop and get the pumpkin latte I love,

Alas I am running too late.


Pumpkin Spice Latte

Why must you make me

Spend my coffee money for the week in a day?

You taste so yummy

Though you hurt my tummy

And waistline

And wallet

Oh crap.

“You really must stop hitting snooze 9 times every morning”



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